Indo-Pacific Fish Conference and the Australian Society for Fish Biology

20-24 November 2023, Auckland, New Zealand
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Call For Special Sessions

The IPFC11-ASFB conference organisers invite proposals for Special Sessions.
Please send your (short) proposals by Monday 13 Feb to

If you wish to submit a proposal, please aim to incorporate some of the points below in your proposal (point 1 being obligatory)

1.     An identified session convenor and have at least tentatively lined up five or more additional speakers showcasing a breadth of work, with scope for other speakers to join from the general call for contributors.

2.     Have discussed the session with two co-convenors that are willing to be involved, and who preferably come from different organisations, countries and continents or islands; or at least represent a variety of viewpoints or areas of strength. Different viewpoints stimulate discussion!

3.     Think about how to generate novel ideas and discussion. Ask yourself, have I been in a session of this kind previously, and if so, consider a fresh approach.

4.     Have a topic of contemporary interest and with an edge. i.e. rather than “Invasive species”, how about: “The interface between prevention and control of invasive marine and freshwater taxa”, or rather than “Threatened species research and management”, something like: “How do we connect conservation research with management actions?”

5.     Format of special session to be determined by session convenor. Consider formats other than just formal talks.

6.     The Organising Committee cannot guarantee that all proposed sessions will run, as this will depend on the level of interest, relevance to conference, and availability of timetable slots.